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    I just received my Mach-E First Edition (in California)!

    That is awesome! Glad you are enjoying your hot rod!
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    Mach E effect on Ford stock price?

    Wow It is getting to $12 much faster than I anticipated. I forsee $20+ if this year turns out to be good to Ford. Will be hard not to sell. Car companies will soon be valued as technology companies.
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    Mach E effect on Ford stock price?

    Yeah, I'm constantly amazed at how the market has weird anomalies such as Tesla that question every investors business sense. I foresee the exact same thing occurring, reality will set in at some point. If I would have trusted my gut and bought two years ago I would have over tripled my money...
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    Mach E effect on Ford stock price?

    Agree. I'm sticking with F because nothing GM makes excites me, and it is typically harder to get a bigger company like GM to move as quick as a smaller company like Ford. My F stock is up 30% and I think once the Mach E proves itself we are looking at a stable 12-15 price target. If Tesla can...
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    GT specs back up on ford site

    This is very disappointing to see. F can not let the GT have that big of a range loss. I don't understand the price premium either, why does it get $10,000 more expensive if the only real difference is slightly bigger motors and brakes? But they are taking away features with the GT such as 360...
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    Mach-E EPA Ratings Revealed in Window Sticker!

    Wow, amazing.... Not. Anyone who didn't think Ford would meet the target they set is honestly fooling themselves. Wait until they OTA the extra battery space so you can get more mileage. They have one of the biggest buffers out of all battery packs. PSA - I sure am loving my F investment right...
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    Mileage for Extended Range Mach-E Models Revealed in EPA Emissions Certifications

    This should give confidence in everyone. Ford will meet the numbers guys, chill out with the BS!
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    Ford stock going up

    Market it not reflective of current results due to fears in the overall global market. It is also getting very close to election. We won't see true results in the stock until late this year early next year. After that I expect the stock to dip a bit until Q2 results of 2020 are out with Mach E...
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    Ford stock going up

    My stock is getting ready to make me some major $$$$
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    Tesla recalling 30,000 cars in China

    Tesla owners in US will find excuses for Tesla and even accept poor workmanship and just brush off serious issues such as the bumper coming off in heavy rain. When I had all my issues with mine, and raised hell about it on the Tesla forums, I was shunned and shadow banned. They are the worst...
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    Mach E Rattle Issue

    I've owned Chrysler, Chevy, Ford, Tesla - the only one that rattled was my Tesla. From model year 2005 to 2020. The difference is when I took my Tesla in to get fix - because it rattled so bad - Tesla service told me there was nothing they could do after attempting to fix the same rattle for...
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    Mach E Rattle Issue

    Ford Raptor here, no rattles whatsoever. My model 3 rattled like it was going to rattle apart. Build quality is no comparison between Mach E and Tesla.
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    Range Speculation! WLTP vs EPA

    What disappointment?
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    GMC Hummer EV Reveal Happens at 8pm EDT tonight

    I like the design of the Hummer EV. I just think it's too expensive. It still impresses me Ford is coming out the gate with a $40,000 EV.