1. I had BlueCruise installed by Ford service. Here's what to expect...

    On Tuesday, I took my 2021 Mach-E into my local Ford dealer, so that they could manually install the necessary updates to enable Blue Cruise. A bit of background, back in late-January my vehicle stopped communicating with Ford Pass. I think this was a common issue with one of the OTA updates...
  2. DRuth086

    Which of the 2.4.X series have you received?

    Thought it would be helpful to get an accurate reflection of where the 2.4.X series stands.
  3. Graphical User Interface (GUI) Needs Redesign for Operation and Safety

    I purchased a 2021 Mustang Mach-E California Rt1 which arrived at the end of October. The Mach-E provides a great driving experience except for the Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is not only poorly designed but organized so that operating it is a safety hazard to drivers. In addition, many...
  4. atomdeathstroke

    500+ KW/h charging in a single day…..?

    Soooo according to my Ford connected charge station I used 573 KW/h of charging…. in a day!!!! I sincerely hope this is a software glitch and not correct. Anyone else ever see anything like this?
  5. Infotainment Screen Slow?

    I've had my Mach-E for 4 months now and I have noticed the infotainment screen has been very slow, especially upon starting the car. Is everyone else's screen slow or is it just me? Is there a software update coming to fix this issue?
  6. ericNdfw

    Software limits GT because of different tires

    In this review, around 9 minutes in, Ford Engineering Specialist, Leeway Ho says the GTPE gets more torque based on software tuning done to take advantage of the summer tires vs the GT's all seasons. If a GT owner replaces their stock tires with summer ones themselves, shouldn’t Ford offer the...
  7. Poll: No OTA so far.

    Has anyone not got any OTA so far? Had my Mach E since end of Feb.