1. I had BlueCruise installed by Ford service. Here's what to expect...

    On Tuesday, I took my 2021 Mach-E into my local Ford dealer, so that they could manually install the necessary updates to enable Blue Cruise. A bit of background, back in late-January my vehicle stopped communicating with Ford Pass. I think this was a common issue with one of the OTA updates...
  2. No update since i bought the car (Sync4)

    Hello i just want to ask if someone have problem with updating sync software. I bought car in 11/2021 and i did not receive even one little update since i bought the car. Mach-E SR RWD. My current version is: 21180_PRODUCT Revision: 176 I am from Europe(Slovakia). Thanks.
  3. Graphical User Interface (GUI) Needs Redesign for Operation and Safety

    I purchased a 2021 Mustang Mach-E California Rt1 which arrived at the end of October. The Mach-E provides a great driving experience except for the Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is not only poorly designed but organized so that operating it is a safety hazard to drivers. In addition, many...
  4. New Ford Assistant Feature in Power-Up 2.3.0

    Anyone tried the new Ford Assistant feature include in the latest Power-Up 2.3.0 OTA want to share experience? It says to rely on Facebook messenger, so I'm hesitate to share data with FB.
  5. If you ever get stuck in the guest profile, make a new profile then delete it

    So this is a random post to help others who may run into this issue, but my Mach e got stuck in the guest profile. Hitting either mine or my fiancés profile did nothing. Nor did the memory seat buttons. Left it like that for several days Easy way to fix it. Create a new profile and then delete...
  6. nfoxtrot


    This morning I was trying out random voice commands on my Mach E and noticed that a color weather radar is given as an option, pretty neat!