1. I had BlueCruise installed by Ford service. Here's what to expect...

    On Tuesday, I took my 2021 Mach-E into my local Ford dealer, so that they could manually install the necessary updates to enable Blue Cruise. A bit of background, back in late-January my vehicle stopped communicating with Ford Pass. I think this was a common issue with one of the OTA updates...
  2. DRuth086

    Which of the 2.4.X series have you received?

    Thought it would be helpful to get an accurate reflection of where the 2.4.X series stands.
  3. New Ford Assistant Feature in Power-Up 2.3.0

    Anyone tried the new Ford Assistant feature include in the latest Power-Up 2.3.0 OTA want to share experience? It says to rely on Facebook messenger, so I'm hesitate to share data with FB.
  4. Which Power-Up versions have you received (EU)?

    Please leave your vote to get a better understanding how OTA updates are arriving to EU compared to NA. Vote for all the OTA Updates you have gotten, multiple answers are possible. If unsure where to find your Power-Up update or if it doesn't display, read below thread: Hidden OTA Status Ford...
  5. benk016

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    1.7.1 was successfully downloaded. APIM update only. No other modules have been touched it appears. 7.88gb. Wifi NOT required for this update. Date/Time Duration Down Up 09/29/2021 3:24 pm 1h 19m 55s 7.88 GB 105 MB Sound settings are now loading with my profile on startup as expected...
  6. gnaark

    What’s wrong with my Mach-E update module?

    Hey guys, On Nov 4th I got the software update screen telling me 1.7.1 was installed. However I didn’t get any of the changes, I waited a few days: nothing. It’s been 9 days still nothing. I noticed other things too: - I can connect to my home wifi but the car never connects to it...
  7. Sync option for Brake Coach - how does this work?

    Hi Experts, I have turned on the option to show the Brake Coach and also use One-Pedal. As per the "help text" some info should pop up on the instrument display that shows braking efficiency. I am maybe misunderstanding this statement, but I have not seen any "coaching" in the last 3 weeks that...
  8. SJ_Okay

    Not getting OTA updates.

    Anyone else’s car is not getting OTA updates? I’m getting none whatsoever. I know there have been at least two here in the U.K., probably more, but the last “update” my vehicle had was the software version that was installed when it was built way back in February. I’ve raised the issue with...
  9. Update Schedule - Mismatch settings between In-car settings and FordPass

    I set my update schedule a few days ago and noticed, in FordPass, it is not set (see screenshot - I can provide an in-car image too, if needed, but I’ve checked multiple times). Is this a known bug? I assume the car is using the in-car settings, but does anyone know for sure? Anyone have a...
  10. ammadshami

    PAAK Update pushed via OTA apparently???

    So like many MME owners here, I too suffered from the dreaded PAAK issues. Not to get too long in explaining but basically same issues: doors wont open until i fidget with the app, "no key detected", etc etc. I really tried to give PAAK a try, but ultimately i just didn't trust it enough to...
  11. My SYNC is not getting updated!! Help!!

    I am not receiving any OTA updates to my MME, I went to the dealer and they said it's updated on May 18th but I see "the campaign has expired" message on May 18th.. see attached.. any help is appreciated.
  12. Poll: No OTA so far.

    Has anyone not got any OTA so far? Had my Mach E since end of Feb.
  13. Must watch! (Team Edison overview and Q&A)

    This is the best video I have seen so far. Team Edison gives an overview of the Mustang Mach-E and it features. Then answers questions from participants.