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    That's what I was thinking when he drove into the box!
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    Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Thanks for doing this. It will be interesting to do a tally on the popular trim/color/battery orders when we get further along.
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    Order site is up!

    Congratulations everyone! Among the first to order.
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    Agree, too dark, they look just look dirty from a distance.
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    Order site is up!

    I had the same problem but with my discover card. I tried 3 times, added the same discover card and tried twice more. I finally went with a MasterCard and it triggered a fraud detection alert which I had to confirm. Discover never showed any rejection. Oh well.
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    Ford Pass and Ford Pass Connect

    Thanks for doing the research. I was wondering about this, whether we would get an initial free period and then be on the hook.
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    Is this the first 'confirmed' submitted order?

    Premium RWD Standard Range ordered!
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    Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Order # 10035XXX Sub date: 6/27/20 Country: USA State: CA Color: Rapid Red Trim & Drivetrain: Premium RWD Range: Standard
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    Is this the first 'confirmed' submitted order?

    Orderpocalypse begins! 🥳📉💩
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    Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    I talked with Dennis Weaver the General Sales Manager last week and he stated no ADM and no X-Plan. We'll see what they state after today's big corporate call.
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    I'm all about the Rapid Red! So sporty!
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    Mach-E Reservations Quick Guide - Customer Journey

    Can you explain how you got this done?
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    A, Z, X plan discount pricing for Mach-E

    Yep did this last night. I didn’t put the mustang because I left it on SUV but no selection. Got my PIN emailed to me as confirmation so I’m good now. Thanks!
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    2021 Mach-E Mustang Order Guide

    Thanks, pulled the trigger and got the MCOA membership. Two key factors for all interested, X-Plan PIN generation must be done manually after joining and you must be a member for 60 days for the X-Plan discount to be utilized. Wish I knew this earlier.
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    Question about the interior camera from a privacy standpoint

    EDRs don't record audio or video, so I don't have the same concern as private conversations captured through always-on video/audio recording. I use a dashcam, but I mute the microphone and I have it facing forward only.