electrify america

  1. NJDevFan30

    2000 Mile Road Trip: Charging and Efficiency of the Mach-E

    We had a road trip planned and happened to take delivery of our extended range, RWD MME 2 weeks beforehand. Now or never... we dove head first and packed up the car, our 4 year old daughter, 2 year old son, and dog and headed from NJ to St. Louis. For those who like to delve into the data and...
  2. billy_at

    How does an EA membership interact with Blue Oval?

    I'm considering buying an EA membership for the cheaper charging rates, but I'm not sure I'll be able to actually use it. When I plug my car into an EA station, it immediately begins a Blue Oval (formerly Ford Pass Charging Network) transaction and handles payment through Ford. If I get an EA...
  3. billy_at

    SOLVED: Consistent "Charge Station Fault" error at EA chargers?

    I got my MME two weeks ago, but I'm still waiting for an electrician appointment to install the Ford charger I have sitting in its box. So, in the meantime, I've been using DC chargers as needed, mostly EA (Electrify America) chargers. The EA chargers are fast (and I'm still using the...
  4. horsiedad

    First multi-state trip in my MME FE

    Took my first long-distance trip in my MME FE from Georgia to North Carolina. I used Ford navigation. A few thoughts/comments/observations/questions: I planned the trip using the Ford nav system. It automatically added DC chargers along the route. It was a viable route and seemed to space out...
  5. gnaark

    Fast Charging at Electrify America: Lessons learned

    Hey guys, I just completed a mini road trip from Dallas to Austin (483 miles at 3.3 mi/kWh) and I did run into some issues at EA while fast charging. We did lose a lot of time with avoidable mistakes so I figured I'd share those and maybe that could help someone. Don't trust the sticker on the...
  6. gnaark

    My (good) first impression using Electrify America fast charging for the first time

    Hey guys, We took a trip yesterday (~272 mi) and I was planning a fast charging stop so we could try it for the first time but still have a possibility to come home if it crapped out. I was reading the forums yesterday (this thread & this one) and people were bitching hard at EA saying it was...